Yalla General Trading LLC

YALLA GENERAL TRADING MIDDLE EAST is a distributor toy costumes and school supplies across GCC, Middle East and North Africa. They also have taken a step into the retail world, with six retail stores in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and many more on the horizon. 

For us, Toys and Costumes are not just an obligation, they are a passion. 

Since our inception in 2015, we have now grown into an operation which spans across the middle east. We’re continuously growing, developing and anticipating our customers needs, both near and far.

Children are at their happiest when having fun. Children need to play to discover their talents and develop their skills. With our products, we are not only just part of a child’s development at the beginning. We can be a part, all the way to adulthood.


Remember, learn to play and you play to learn!

Tel. 04 443 0223  I   admin@yallageneraltrading.com

© 2015 Yalla General Trading LLC

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